Activated charcoal can treat sewage

Activated charcoal can treat sewage

Because activated carbon has high requirements for water pretreatment, and the price of activated carbon is expensive, in wastewater treatment, activated carbon is mainly used to remove trace pollutants in wastewater to achieve the purpose of deep purification. The oily wastewater from the refinery is firstly treated by oil separation, air flotation and biological treatment, and then advanced treatment by sand filtration and activated carbon filtration. The phenol content of wastewater decreased from 0.1 mg/L (after biological treatment) to 0.005 mg/L, the cyanide content decreased from 0.19 mg/L to 0.048 mg/L, and the COD decreased from 85 mg/L to 18 mg/L.

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Precautions for activated charcoal

Activated charcoal transportation and treatment:
First of all, it is forbidden to pull activated carbon with hooks during transportation, and avoid mixing with hard objects. Of course, apart from that, there should be no strong vibrations, trampling, etc., let alone throwing away. In addition, it must be lightly loaded and unloaded, the main purpose is not to affect the normal use in the future.

Precautions for activated charcoal

How long is the use time of activated carbon

How long can activated carbon be used

Activated carbon usually lasts six to twelve months. However, its use time is closely related to the environment. If activated carbon is placed in a new house, it can only be used for seven to fifteen days, while the activated carbon of an old house can be used for about 3 months. In addition, it is recommended not to use too much. Long time, otherwise it is likely to cause secondary pollution.

How long is the use time of activated carbon

Application of coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon is made of high-quality coconut shell as raw material and refined through a series of production processes. The appearance of coconut shell activated carbon is black and granular. It has the advantages of well-developed pores, good adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economical durability, etc. However, due to issues such as the origin of coconut shell, the price is higher than that of conventional wooden activated carbon. The products are mainly used for the purification, decolorization, dechlorination, and deodorization of drinking water, purified water, wine, beverages, and industrial sewage; it can also be used for the desulfurization of the oil refining industry.

Application of coconut shell activated carbon
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