Introduction to the advantages of alumina activated carrier

Introduction to the advantages of alumina activated carrier

Alumina activated carrier has a low wear rate. This feature can ensure that it reduces the generation of dust during the gas/liquid transportation process, and can reduce the pressure drop of the gas during use, minimizing the clogging of downstream valves and filters, and Reduce the appearance of dusty products.
High squeezing strength, with high squeezing strength, so it can allow fast pneumatic loading into the tower, high squeezing strength can also make the higher absorption tower dry the gas more effectively, and at the same time can effectively prevent ammonia The intrusion of gas, and the use of its high squeezing strength can make it dry acid gas and liquid.

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Alumina activated plays a very important role as a carrier

The amount of alumina activated used as catalyst and carrier is more than the total amount of catalysts of molecular sieve, silica gel, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth and silica alumina gel. This shows the pivotal position of alumina in catalysts and carriers. Among them, η-Al2O3 and γ-Al2O3 are the most important catalysts and supports. They are both spinel structures containing defects. The difference between the two is: the tetrahedral crystal structure is different (γ>η), and the hexagonal layer stack The row regularity is different (γ>η) and the Al—O bond distance is different (η>γ, the difference is 0.05~0.1nm).

Alumina activated plays a very important role as a carrier

Application of alumina activated as catalyst and carrier

Alumina activated used as a catalyst carrier can be summarized into the following types according to its physical and chemical properties and the role played by alumina:
(1) High temperature alumina activated carrier. This type of alumina has a small specific surface area, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and high mechanical strength, so it can withstand harsh operating conditions. Due to the inertness of alumina, the high-temperature alumina carrier will not become a potential source of activity that causes side reactions and a decrease in selectivity, nor will it become a potential source of toxicity for the catalyst system.
(2) Interactive carrier. This type of alumina is the most widely used. It can react with the active components of the catalyst to disperse the active components of the catalyst into the carrier, provide effective specific surface area and suitable pore structure for the active components, so as to improve the thermal stability of the catalyst And anti-toxic properties.
(3) Play a synergistic or dual-function carrier. In addition to serving as the skeleton of the active component, this type of alumina also provides a gain effect for the catalytic effect of the catalyst.

Application of alumina activated as catalyst and carrier
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