Do you really know nitrogen generators?

A psa nitrogen generator is a device that uses air as a raw material to separate nitrogen and oxygen from it to obtain nitrogen. According to different classification methods, namely cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method and membrane air separation method, nitrogen generators applied in industry can be divided into three types. Nitrogen generator is a nitrogen equipment designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology. The nitrogen generator uses high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption at normal temperature to separate the air to obtain high-purity nitrogen. Generally, two adsorption towers are used in parallel, and the imported PLC controls the imported pneumatic valve to automatically run, alternately pressurize adsorption and decompression regeneration, complete nitrogen and oxygen separation, and obtain the required high purity nitrogen. Cryogenic Separation of Nitrogen Cryogenic nitrogen separation is a traditional method of nitrogen production, which has been used for decades. It uses air as a raw material, which is compressed and purified, and then the heat is exchanged to liquefy the air into a liquid air. Liquid air is mainly a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The difference between the boiling points of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen is used to obtain nitrogen by rectification of liquid air to separate them. Cryogenic air separation nitrogen production equipment is complex, covers a large area, has high capital construction costs, a large one-time investment in equipment, high operating costs, slow gas production, high installation requirements and long cycles. Comprehensive equipment, installation and infrastructure factors. For equipment below 3500Nm3 / h, the investment scale of PSA units of the same specifications is 20% -50% lower than that of cryogenic air separation units. Nitrogen generator molecular sieve Air is used as the raw material, carbon molecular sieve is used as the adsorbent, and the method of pressure swing adsorption is used to separate nitrogen and oxygen by the selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve. This method is a new nitrogen production technology developed rapidly in the 1970s. Compared with the traditional nitrogen production method, molecular sieve air separation nitrogen production of nitrogen generator has simple process, high degree of automation, fast gas production, and low energy consumption. The purity of the product can be adjusted within a wide range according to user needs, and is easy to operate and maintain. Low operating cost and strong adaptability. Therefore, in the nitrogen production equipment below 1000Nm3 / h, it is quite competitive, and it is more and more popular with small and medium nitrogen users. PSA nitrogen production has become the preferred method for small and medium nitrogen users.