Application of zeolite molecular sieve

Zeolite molecular sieve crystal has many excellent properties such as adsorption and exchangeability, so it is widely used in petrochemical industry, detergent industry, fine chemical industry and so on. In the research of zeolite molecular sieve, the preparation of molecular sieve from cheap natural minerals and its functionality is one of the most valuable research in this field. Stellerite belongs to the pyroxene family and is one of the mineral species. Based on aqueous frame aluminosilicate, Stellerite has selective adsorption for various cations at different temperatures, and has good catalytic function, processability, low hardness, low thermal expansion and good thermal stability. It is widely used in the fields of environmental materials, agricultural and animal husbandry improvement, chemical additives and adsorbents.
1. Animal husbandry production
The unique structure of molecular sieve determines that it has good adsorption performance and ion exchange performance. Using molecular sieve as carrier, adsorbing and grafting antibacterial substances to make feed additives can increase the slow-release ability of antibacterial agent and improve the utilization efficiency of antibacterial agent, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, molecular sieve itself also has certain bactericidal ability, can improve the disease resistance of livestock, and molecular sieve is non-toxic, harmless and stable, Not absorbed by animals. The antibacterial agent of molecular sieve prepared by adsorbing potassium dicarboxylate on molecular sieve can greatly improve the antibacterial ability of potassium dicarboxylate.
2. Pharmaceutical industry
Using the good adsorption and dispersion performance of molecular sieve, it can be used as the carrier of drugs to adsorb and graft the effective components in drugs, which can improve the slow-release performance of drugs, enhance the efficacy and prolong the time of drug action. Moreover, the molecular sieve is non-toxic and harmless. After taking it, it will not be absorbed in human body and has no side effects on the body. It can also load specific bacteria and effectively inhibit bacterial growth. Zeolite molecular sieve has good ion exchange performance and can adsorb and exchange heavy metal ions, so it can prepare highly active and durable antibacterial agents.
3. Sewage treatment
Natural Stellerite has certain ion exchange and adsorption properties. Using its properties, ammonia nitrogen can be adsorbed from sewage, so as to achieve the effect of purifying sewage. After special treatment, natural Stellerite can form molecular sieve. The ion exchange and adsorption performance of molecular sieve is much higher than that of natural zeolite, which enables it to better adsorb heavy metal ions and other harmful ions in sewage, such as nickel, zinc, chromium, cadmium, mercury, iron plasma and organic substances such as phenol, ammonia nitrogen, trinitrogen and phosphate ions. Therefore, molecular sieve is a new material for sewage treatment.
4. Agriculture
Using the adsorption performance and cation exchange performance of molecular sieve can improve soil performance, reduce soil pH, improve the supply of trace elements required by crops, exchange K, Na, Mg and Ca plasma required by crops, and play the role of Indirect fertilizer. At the same time, molecular sieve can absorb dihydroamine and other substances to form fertilizer slow-release agent, which can not only greatly improve the actual utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and prolong the validity period of nitrogen fertilizer, but also improve the nutritional status of crops, improve the growth vitality and virus resistance of crops, and finally achieve the purpose of increasing crop production and income.