Why can silica be used as a desiccant | Silica Drying Agent

Silica gel desiccant is a kind of high-activity adsorption material, the main component is silica, it is a kind of high-activity adsorption material. It is usually prepared by reacting sodium silicate with sulfuric acid and undergoing a series of post-treatment processes such as aging and acid foaming. Silica gel is an amorphous substance, its shape is transparent and irregular side sphere, and its chemical formula is mSiO2.nH2O. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many characteristics that other similar materials are difficult to replace: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength. The inside of silica gel desiccant is a very fine pore network structure. These pores can absorb water and retain water through its physical attraction. As a desiccant, it is widely used in aviation parts, computer devices, electronic products, and leather. Dry and moisture-proof in industries such as products, medicine and food. Even if the silica gel desiccant is completely immersed in water, it will not soften or liquefy. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and non-polluting, so it can be in direct contact with any object. The most suitable hygroscopic environment for silica gel desiccant is room temperature (20~32℃), high temperature (60~90℃), it can reduce the relative humidity of the environment to about 40%, so the desiccant application range is very wide.
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