What factors affect the Carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator

Many people don't know Carbon molecular sieve very well and don't know what it is. Just grasp some industry-related professional skills in the industry, such as Carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen generators. Carbon molecular sieve is based on the characteristics selected to ensure the purpose of dissolving co2 and N2. When Carbon molecular sieve absorbs sediment vapor, the holes and vertical holes are only used as safety exits for safety exits, and the absorbed molecular formula is transported to the microwell and submicrowell plates, and the microwell and submicrowell plates are Actual digestion capacity.

The outside of the Carbon molecular sieve includes many microplates, which can quickly disperse molecular formulas with smaller mechanical energy specifications into the pores, and restrict the entry of large-diameter molecular formulas. Due to the difference in relative dispersion speed of vapor molecular formulas of different specifications and models, the composition of vapor ginseng dirt can be dissolved very well. Therefore, during the production and processing of Carbon molecular sieve, according to the molecular size specification, the microplates on both sides of the Carbon molecular sieve should diffuse in the middle of 0.28~0.38nm. In this type of microplate specifications, co2 can be quickly dispersed into the wells according to the microplate holes, but nitrogen cannot be based on the microplate holes, so oxygen and nitrogen are dissolved. The diameter of the microplate is the basis for selecting co2 and N2 based on carbon. If the diameter is very large, the carbon molecular sieve of oxygen and nitrogen can easily enter the microplate, and the expected effect of dissolution cannot be guaranteed. When the diameter is too small, neither oxygen nor nitrogen can enter the microplate, nor can it have a dissolving effect.

1. Pressure reducing valve on the pipeline

As a result, the maintenance of nitrogen equipment has improved personal preference, and the characteristics of mechanical equipment have decreased. Therefore, the use of imported valves has solved the root cause of the thin link of the Carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generator. For traditional PSA nitrogen generators, it is very important to solve the sensitivity, service life and maintenance difficulties of its constituent valves. Some household shut-off valves have a higher maintenance rate.

2. The importance of PSA nitrogen production equipment

The use of Carbon molecular sieve ensures the use of Carbon molecular sieve, Carbon molecular sieve bottling expertise and Carbon molecular sieve automatic filling equipment. Compared with other similar nitrogen generators, it increases the nitrogen utilization rate and reduces the energy consumption of the nitrogen generator by 1525%, thus ensuring the service life of the Carbon molecular sieve and reducing the carbon molecular sieve’s absorption of tables and benches. "load". It improves the professional ability of carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generator.

The characteristics of activated carbon industrial waste gas absorption equipment

1. It is very good for volatile organic compounds or peculiar smell, and the absorption of vapor meets the requirements.

2. The expected effect is very good for the lower concentration of volatile organic compounds. Activated carbon is used repeatedly to control the cost

3. The processing air volume is large, and the expected effect of suction is high.

4. Easy to disassemble activated carbon.