What are the characteristics of uop molecular sieves

uop molecular sieve adsorbent does not need activation treatment before use

   After we purchase uop molecular sieve adsorbent, many customers will ask whether it needs to be activated before use, and whether it will affect the use if it is not processed. Let’s take a look at whether uop molecular sieve should be activated before use.
   First of all, what is activation treatment? As the name implies, it is to use high temperature to remove the excess water inside the uop molecular sieve to achieve the adsorption effect, always improve the activity and increase the utilization value.
  This situation is caused by the backward production technology and backward packaging technology in the early years. It must be activated before use to achieve the ideal adsorption capacity. With the continuous development of production technology, the current production technology and packaging technology have reached a very high level. In the process of transportation and storage, uop molecular sieve will not come into contact with air, so that it will not absorb a large amount of moisture and get damp. Affect the adsorption capacity of uop molecular sieve adsorbent.

uop molecular sieve adsorbent can be reused

 Uop molecular sieve adsorbent is mainly used in air separation equipment, natural gas dehydration, circulating purification of alkanes, refrigerants, drying of various electronic components, etc. Its instantaneous adsorption capacity is strong, the water absorption rate is high, and the selective absorption of water is higher than any other molecules. Moreover, uop molecular sieve can also adsorb methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, etc.
After the adsorption is saturated, it can be regenerated to remove the molecules adsorbed to the uop molecular sieve spheres before the adsorption can be performed again. The regeneration treatment method is mainly to increase the regeneration temperature. Generally, the high temperature gas is raised to 200 degrees to discharge the water and other uop molecular sieves in the sphere. After high-temperature regeneration, the uop molecular sieve regains its vitality and performs adsorption work.
   In this way, adsorption and regeneration are alternately performed and work continuously. Generally, the service life of uop molecular sieve adsorbent is 3-5 years. After using it for a long time, the vitality will gradually decrease.