Advantages of steam activated carbon

Advantages of activated carbon for water purification

1. It can work continuously for 24 hours without shutting down and backwashing, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency.

2. There is no need for a high-lift and large-flow backwash pump, which means that the operating cost of the activated carbon filter is relatively low.

3. During operation, there are basically no rotating parts except the quartz sand filter material, so the failure rate is relatively low, and a large amount of maintenance costs can also be saved.

4. The activated carbon filter does not require a separate coagulation tank, clarification tank, etc., nor does it require backwash pumps, electric and pneumatic valves and other equipment. The amount of engineering is relatively small, and the one-time investment is relatively small.

5. Small head loss: You have a single filter material and the filter material is cleaned in time, so the head loss will be relatively small.

6. It can withstand a certain concentration of water quality for a long time, and can withstand the impact in a short time and keep the water quality unchanged.

7. The filtered water quality is relatively stable, and the filtering effect is relatively good. The filter material is cleaned in a timely manner, which can ensure high-quality and stable water output, and there is no periodic water quality fluctuation.

8. The unit operation mode adopted by the activated carbon filter is to increase or decrease the number of filters flexibly according to the changes in water volume, which is beneficial for modification and expansion.

9. The traditional three-stage reclaimed water treatment process can be integrated, which can save land and make the appearance more beautiful.

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