Method of remove hydrogen sulfide

Including iron hydroxide method, activated carbon method, Claus method and zinc oxide method.
① Iron hydroxide: Mix iron chips and wet wood chips thoroughly, add 0.5% calcium oxide to make a desulfurizer, with a humidity of 30-40%. The hydrogen sulfide reacts with the desulfurizer to be removed, and the regenerated iron hydroxide can be used continuously. The response is as follows:
2Fe(OH)3 3H2S─→Fe2S3 6H2O
2Fe2S3 6H2O 3O2─→4Fe(OH)3 6S This method has high desulfurization efficiency and is suitable for purifying gases with low hydrogen sulfide content. However, the equipment occupies a large area. Replacement by wet method, or combined with wet method for deep desulfurization.
②Activated carbon method: Activated carbon is used to absorb hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen is converted into monomer sulfur and water. The sulfur is washed away with amine sulfide, and the activated carbon can be used continuously. This method is not suitable for gas containing tar.
③ Claus process: Firstly, 1/3 of the hydrogen sulfide is converted into sulfur dioxide, and then it is reacted with the remaining hydrogen sulfide in the reformer to directly produce high-quality molten sulfur from the gas phase.
④Zinc oxide method: Granular zinc oxide reacts with hydrogen sulfide to produce zinc sulfide and water. Mainly used to purify waste gas with low hydrogen sulfide content. This method is more efficient, but not economical
Remove Hydrogen Sulfide