ShanLi CMS Apply In the Methane Gas Purification

ShanLi has been committed to research CMS for years, constantly seeking to keep pace with the times, the production CMS of our company have become the methane gas purification first choice for adsorbent. China is rich in coalbed methane (CBM) resources, main component is methane. Low concentration of CBM refers to the methane content in 20% ~ 40%, mainly produce underground extraction, huge quantity, but has not been reasonable use. And the development of low concentration CBM purification technology can not only improve the coal mine safety, reduce environmental pollution, but also contribute to solve about China energy structure unreasonable, the energy shortage problem, etc. After university study our CMS, the results show that the CMS in theory is more suitable for PSA low concentration of CBM purification. 

—References: Fang Xi, Wensheng Lin, Anzhong Gu. CH4/N2 <The Gas Mixture PSA Separation with CMS> [J]. Journal of China Coal Society, 2011, 36 (6): 1034-1035.