Market analysis of carbon molecular sieve

Market analysis of carbon molecular sieve
For a long time, carbon molecules are sieved into Japan and Germany's monopoly products. The 80% of the domestic markets ago have been posseid in 2000. Carbon molecular sieve technology introduced domestic, domestic carbon molecular sieve manufacturers, mainly distributed in Changxing, Shandong, Xuancheng, and other places. Domestic molecular sieves seized most of the market share, but we must do a strong stronger in this industry, we must innovate, improve product performance indicators, break technology trade barriers.

In the next few years, the carbon molecular sieve product will develop in high indicators, high strength, high reactor density, and low-end grade products will be eliminated. The space division equipment will tend to miniaturize, and the molecular sieve industry has put forward higher requirements. Therefore, if you seize the current good time, expand production, gradually change international and domestic awareness of China's production carbon molecules, and quickly seize the domestic international market, it may become an industry drain soldier within two to three years.

Domestic market
In 2012, the domestic market mainly adopts medium and low-grade carbon molecular sieves. The annual demand is more than 6,000 tons. With the continuous development of my country's economy, industrial, especially chemical industries continuously expand, the demand level for carbon molecules will grow year by year, especially In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the safety of coal mines, oil fields and tankers, forced oil fields, tankers, and the demand for nitrogen generators, electronics industry and material industries, further expand the demand for domestic carbon molecular sieves. According to the survey, since 2000, the average annual growth rate has been more than 80%, and the prospects of the domestic market have vast.

international market
With the continuous maturity of transformer adsorption technology, the application of nitrogen generator is getting wider and wide, and the demand for carbon molecular sieves is also growing, and the demand for developed countries such as Europe and the United States has grown steadily, and in recent years The demand in the country is more flying, and each year has gradually increased, and it is estimated that the total demand for international carbon molecules in 2013 is more than 10,000 tons.

Industry development
According to the analysis of international domestic experts, the carbon molecular sieve industry presents the following trends: First, as the use of the transformer adsorption nitrogen generator continues to expand, the demand for carbon molecular sieve is increasing, which will further promote the development of the industry, in the next few years, This industry will become well known from a uncommon industry. Secondly, as the application depth improves, the nitrogen sieve amount, nitrogen recovery rate, heap density, and compressive strength and other indicators are increasing, further improve product performance indicators will be the future development of this industry. trend. Third, since the carbon molecular sieve is mainly constituted by transformer adsorption nitrogen generator, the cost accounts for more than 70% of the entire equipment, so reduced costs will be an important condition that promotes the development of the industry. In the next week, companies will continue to explore new materials, and strive to achieve the highest level in the lowest cost.

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