Introduction of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive,Psa Padding

203 pressure sensitive adhesive is mainly composed of natural rubber and terpene resin. English name Pressure-sensitive adhesive 203, 203 adhesive is a natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive with a wide range of applications, high bonding strength, and good aging resistance. It can be used in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive trademarks, and can bond various plastic films, as well as metal and plastic films, and paper paste.
Quality Standard
Appearance light yellow transparent viscous liquid Adhesive strength (stainless steel-polyester film)/(N/2.5dn)
Solid content/% 25±2 ≥6.8
①The thickness of the axillary coating is 0.03~0.04mm.
Construction process ① Use a brush or brush to dip a little glue and apply evenly on the material to be glued. Both materials need to be glued. ②Dry at room temperature for 10-15min, then it can be bonded. ③If the film is too thin, apply a second glue.
Contains organic solvents and is flammable. At the operation site, pay attention to ventilation and prevent open flames. The storage period of this product at room temperature is 1 year. After the expiration date, no abnormality is found in the glue, and it can still be used. 15kg/barrel.
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