Understand the process of carbon molecular sieve adsorption and desorption.

The main component of carbon molecular sieve is elemental carbon, and its appearance is a dark gray columnar solid. Because it contains many microporous plates with a diameter of 4 angstroms, the microporous plates have a strong instant appeal to oxygen molecules, and can be used to extract CO2 and N2 in the air. Pressure swing adsorption machinery and equipment ( PSA) Make N2. Carbon molecular sieve has large nitrogen production capacity, high N2 utilization rate and long service life. Various specifications and models of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators can be used. It is the product of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators.

Carbon molecular sieve air separation nitrogen production has been widely used in petrochemical equipment and machinery, metal surface solutions, electronic components production and processing, vegetable preservation and other industries.

carbon molecular sieve

Basic concept of production process:

Carbon molecular sieve is used to absorb and treat organic waste gas. It uses carbon molecular sieve microporous plates to digest and analyze the characteristics of chemical compounds. The organic solvent in the analytical chemical industrial waste gas with very low wind concentration is absorbed into the carbon molecular sieve and purified. The gas after suction and cleaning up to the standard is emptied immediately. The essence is a physical absorption and purification process. The organic solvents are not disposed of.

Absorption is to use the organic solvent absorbed in the carbon molecular sieve to ensure the melting point of the solvent, and to absorb the organic solvent from the carbon molecular sieve, and to purify the organic solvent. Industrial waste gas with a higher concentration value is introduced into the catalytic combustion device equipment. The oxidation-reduction reaction of organic waste gas with a higher concentration value in the remodeling machinery and equipment reflects the conversion into harmless water and carbon dioxide into the gas.

The absorption can be carried out in addition, the application of multiple carbon molecular sieve absorption beds for absorption treatment, and the development prospect of one bed for absorption, suitable for continuous production and processing sites.

Advantages of production process:

1. High professional ability to absorb organic molecules in industrial waste gas;

2. High temperature resistant and not easy to corrode;

3. Molecular sieves can be continuously reshaped. The catalytic reaction speed is used to reshape the machinery and equipment to reshape it on time, and the concentrated gas produced in the manufacturing process enters the remolding machinery and equipment and is compounded, resulting in harmless gas sewage treatment and difficult to correct Geographical environment causes secondary pollution;

4. It saves operating costs and does not need to be disassembled on time like activated carbon.