Changxing Shanli Chemical Materials Co.Ltd.

Changxing ShanLi is a mainly produce Carbon Molecular Sieve professional manufacturer. Since 1984, CMS after years of development, already form a large circle of the industry in Changxing. ShanLi by means of CMS research experience in many years, and keep close cooperation with national professional scientific research departments and institutions of high learning, develops and innovation unceasingly.

Success in the original coal-based CMS technology to phenolic resin natrix CMS production technology. The perfermance of the products from the initial VPSA 30m3/h.t across to the existing PSA 200m3/h.t. ShanLi product SLCMS-260 because of nitrogen yield up to 260m3/h.t, and well received by domestic and international customers. Nowadays, ShanLi has become a collection research and developement, production, sales and servise for nitrogen air-separation, as one of the CMS manufacturer.

The product quality has fully meet even beyond the world industry products high quality standards, at home and abroad we have a large stable customer, and ShanLi CMS are exported to the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. Through the user tryouts, the latest developed SLCMS HP-1 series nitrogen yield has reached 300m3/h.t, it has become a industry leader of CMS. " the good faith foothold, the innovation sends far" is ShaiLi development purposes as always.

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Company History

Since 1984, Shanghai a Science and Technology Institute and  Shan Li made joint efforts, research and develop the domestic first product of carbon molecular sieve successfully, embarked on the road of carbon molecular sieve. Since then, in the past twenty years, Shan Li has been in cooperation with the national professional scientific research departments, universities and others, painstaking inquiry, be aim for the world's top level, research continuously and unremitting efforts. Nowadays, Shan Li established quality have been fully met and even exceed the world's high-quality industry standard, not only has a large number of stable customers interiorly, in the U.S. Canada Netherlands Denmark France Germany Turkey India Malaysia Thailand and so on also get the favour of customers.

Corporate Culture

ShanLi attach most importance to "people-oriented, to intellectuals", value a harmonious working and living environment, and only we unite as one, ShanLi will have more explosive force and competitiveness. ShanLi directors and staff are out for "ShanLiman", in the "first and stronger, then do big" spirit of enterprise, to lay a solid basis for internal management, standardized factory production office facilities, strict with employee code of conduct, keep honest attitude, improving the overall quality and stability, focusing on economic growth, achieving profit growth and scale growth in sync, so that make the enterprise eternal develop and eternal operate.


Carbon molecular sieve is a new type of carbon adsorbent for high-purity nitrogen equipment. It mainly used in metal heat treatment, food, fruit preservation, oil extraction, pipeline flushing, car tires security temperament and many other industries.。