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SLCMS-cbg1 Molecular Sieve for Methane enrichment

SLCMS-cbg1 Molecular Sieve for Methane enrichment

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Product description:
SLCMS-cbg1 is a type of adsorbent for methane gas enrichment , designed for use with pressure swing adsorption process (PSA) purification of methane gas. Has the advantage of high concentration of methane gas enrichment, high product recovery. Different adsorbent surface diffusion rate is the primary mechanism for gas separation, the methane gas substantially no absorption, and other small molecules adsorbed gas such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide. This feature allows a PSA process becomes more convenient and efficient.

Specifications and parameters




1.0 or 1.2mm

Bulk density(g/L)


Crush strength(N)




Standard package

20KG/40KG/137KG per barrel

Adsorbent characteristics:
High purity product gas.
High separation factor of Methane and carbon dioxide.
Depth removal of harmful impurities in the feed gas.
Simple process, device operating flexibility,can adapt to raw gas and form fluctuations.
High degree of process automation can save labor costs.

Filling process, should be waterproof, prevent pore blockage caused by small molecules, causing poisoning.
It should be sealed to avoid of contamination and adsorption of water or other gas and vapors. Storage in a dry warehouse is recommended

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