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SL-506HT Deoxidizing Catalyst, 506HT oxide deoxidizing catalyst

SL-506HT Deoxidizing Catalyst

Service conditions and Technical parameters:

1. Catalyst reactor height-diameter ratio: ≥3;

2. Temperature: room temperature (warming better);

3. Space velocity: (5000~10000) hr-1;

4. Air oxygen content: ≤4%;

5. Purified gas residual oxygen content: ≤0.5ppm.

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The catalyst is the precious metal (Pd) - Semiconductor system, through a special process development and production of new high-efficiency deoxidizing catalyst. Mainly used in hydrogen in addition to oxygen, but also for nitrogen, argon, helium and other inert gases and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide hydrogenation oxygen.


1. Precious metals (Pd) - Semiconductor system, high catalytic activity;
2. Without activation of regeneration, used for the first time without pretreatment;
3. Deep purification degree, residual oxygen is less than 0.5ppm;
4. Resistance to poisoning ability, especially for H2S, SO2, CL2, NH3 and other kinds of excellent resistance to poison ability; 
5. Withstand high temperature, 650 ℃ not ablation (the similar products highest is 450 ℃);
6. High strength, not pulverization, consecutive years using activity.

Specifications and parameters





Bulk density(g/ml)


Mechanical strength

> 60N /particle

Oxygen content in feed gas


Heat-resistance temperature

650 °C

Usage temperature

80°C ~ 600°C

Usage airspeed


Deoxidization ability

O2 content ≤ 5 ppm

High-diameter ratio of catalytic


working life


Standard package

30kg per drum


Hydrogen or inert gas


Metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, electronics, building materials, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries such as hydrogen and nitrogen, argon and other inert gases hydrogenation oxygen.

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