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SL-506HA Deoxidizing Catalyst, SL-506HA oxide deoxidizing catalyst

SL-506HA Deoxidizing Catalyst

Service conditions and Technical parameters:

1. Catalyst reactor height-diameter ratio: ≥3;

2. Temperature: room temperature (warming better);

3. Space velocity: (5000~10000) hr-1;

4. Air oxygen content: ≤2%;

5. Purified gas residual oxygen content: ≤0.5ppm.

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The catalyst is a precious metals load on the activated alumina processed deoxidizing catalyst, mainly used for hydrogen to remove oxygen, but also for nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, argon and other inert gases hydrogenation oxygen, can be started at room temperature.

Specifications and parameters





Bulk density(g/ml)


Mechanical strength

> 60N /particle

Oxygen content in feed gas


Heat-resistance temperature

450 °C

Usage temperature

80°C ~ 120°C

Usage airspeed


Deoxidization ability

O2 content ≤ 5 ppm

High-diameter ratio of catalytic


working life


Standard package

30kg per drum


Hydrogen or inert gas

Usage and Considerations:

1. The catalyst will be add evenly in the reactor, installed in the system with nitrogen to air exhaust clean;
2. Access to the gas to be purified, can be put into use;
3. Use after a certain time, once the deoxidizing effect of the catalyst is decline or submerged and failure, can be heated to about 200 ℃ regeneration;
4. Usage temperature can not exceed 450℃;
5. The catalyst should avoid contact with chloride, sulfide and others, in case of poisoning failure.

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