Frequently Asked Questions about Jane nitrogen Equipment Exchange

Date: 2014-04-15 10:24:32

(1) Open the power switch, power indicator does not light.

1. Power is not connected 2. Insurance damage to the power 3. Power switch is damaged

(2) Process indicator does not light.

1. Light damage, or the connection is not connected; 2. Programmable controller fault;

(3) Adsorption tank left when the left suction pressure can not rise to normal.

1. Pilot gas pressure is not configured; 2. Suction control solenoid valve damage the left; 3.Sucked into the left valve is not open.

(4) Pressure tank when the pressure is not balanced around the adsorption.

1. Pressure control solenoid valve damage; 2. Both the upper and lower valve is not open.

(5) The left or right suction stop suction when the muffler exhaust, and tank pressure does not increase the adsorption.

1. Purge valve open too big; 2. Solenoid valve damage; 3. Pressure valve leakage; 4.Desorption valve leakage.

(6) Fluctuations in the course of Purity.

1. Fluctuations in air pressure; 2. Gas Consumption has fluctuated.

(7) Nitrogen meter display figures are not accurate.

1. Have mixed with air; 2. Oxygen probe failure.

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