2010 SME Technology Innovation Fund to declare that

Date: 2014-04-15 10:25:37

Supported projects must meet the following conditions:

1. In line with national industrial and technological policies, high technical content, stronginnovation, clear intellectual property rights, technology in the domestic leading level;

2. Independent research and development projects with independent intellectual property rights;

3. must be based on production, sales, technical services and for-profit, product or service has a clear market demand and strong market competitiveness, can produce better economic and social benefits;

4. Meet the "2010 SME Technology Innovation Fund, a number of key projects Guide "(hereinafter referred to as "Project Guide ") requirements of the project.

SME Technology Innovation Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Innovation Fund) is approved by the State Council set up a dedicated support and promotion of SME Technology Innovation of thegovernment special funds. 2010 Innovation Fund will implement a strategic training and development strategy calls for new industries to improve technological innovation, promote SMEgrowth as the goal, to continue to support SME innovation projects, public technical service agencies grants for SMEs Capital projects and SME Venture Capital Fund projects.

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