Molecular Sieve manufacturers introduce several filters


Molecular Sieve manufacturers introduce several filters

In fact, the filter screen is a product that is combined by many types. The most important prop of the filter screen is the screen of the filter screen. If the filter screen is destroyed, the filter screen cannot be used, so usually Need regular maintenance!

Molecular sieves are very different from other mesh products. The mesh size of the molecular sieve has the function of classifying and screening the particles of the object, which is a mesh product approved by industry and institutional standards. The industrial screens for general screening and filtration are either mulberry silk, metal wire or synthetic fiber. These kinds of material screens are different:

The filter mesh holes are clear and correct, the mesh surface looks flat, has high temperature resistance and wear resistance, and the stainless steel screen can also resist corrosion. Therefore, it is generally used for powder screening and oil filtration. The general metal screen is woven with brass wire, phosphor bronze wire and stainless steel as raw materials, so the thickness is made according to requirements.

In fact, there are many types of filter screens. The weaving method is similar to the mesh cloth. Specifications can be designed. The general filter screens are made of nylon or polyester such as filament and brown silk. The surface of the mesh mesh is smooth, which is very beneficial for filtration, while the molecular sieve and the pores are smaller, which can pass substances below the molecular level. So you can filter a lot of things.

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